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6 Ways To Improve Curb Appeal in Your Apartment Community

Curb appeal is a critical consideration in residential real estate but can also play an important role in creating a great first impression for potential tenants looking for a new apartment home.  With apartment demand at an all-time high, one way to get those rental applications flowing is by increasing your apartment building’s curb appeal. Keep reading to discover our top 5 tips on the best ways to improve curb appeal in your apartment community. 

Why is Curb Appeal So Important?

There are quite a few payoffs when you consider adding apartment curb appeal. Not only does it create an inviting and friendly environment for renters and potential tenants, but it also distinguishes your community’s presence both online and in person. Check out our list below outlining the reasons why curb appeal is so important to your apartment community:

  1. Makes a good first impression to potential tenants.
  2. Allows your community to stand out from the rest
  3. Creates higher demand and attracts more tenants
  4. Allows you to increase rent prices.
  5. Improves tenant satisfaction among existing tenants, leading to more lease renewals
  6. Creates an amazing online presence for your website and social media
  7. Attracts singles, couples, and families, thereby increasing your potential tenant pool

Top 6 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal in Your Community

With such compelling reasons to improve your curb appeal, there is no time to waste. Take action right away to implement the following 6 ways to improve your curb appeal:

1. Building Maintenance

It’s the little details that can make or break a tenant’s desire to rent an apartment in your community. Building maintenance, like a fresh coat of paint or keeping up to date with equipment repairs can go a long way in filling potential tenants with confidence that their complaints or unexpected issues will be handled in a timely manner and with care. Leaky roofs or crumbled steps are warning signs to potential tenants that landlords are not performing inspections or are not aware of the problems on their property, but instead choose to ignore them. So any time and resources spent on building maintenance is money well spent because it will signal to potential renters that management is on top of things, giving them the green light to go ahead and fill out a rental application.

2. Landscaping & Outdoor Area Upkeep

Today, almost half of all renters in the United States are below the age of 30, which means they will most likely conduct a search of an apartment listing online before deciding to proceed further with their application. A well-maintained landscape can be the deciding factor when it comes to whether or not a tenant decides to add your complex to their short list of places they wish to live. Sprucing up the grounds and walkways includes basic maintenance like trimming trees and shrubs, planting flowers, and mowing grass. With so many apartments offering additional amenities like pools, outdoor grills, walking paths, and picnic areas, it’s important to keep outdoor recreational areas functional and safe as well.

3. Trash & Junk Removal

A TurboHaul employee walks from their big red junk hauling and bulk trash removal trucks in Catonsville, MD.One way to increase your apartment building’s curb appeal is through prompt removal of bulk trash and other junk by calling your local junk removal experts at TurboHaul. Your current garbage company does not allow bulky items in the dumpsters which can lead to these items piling up around your property and turn off potential tenants. Perhaps, some of your rooms are undergoing construction, increasing the need for junk removal even further. Increase apartment curb appeal with a professional junk removal team that provides a variety of helpful services, some of which are outlined below. 

  • Bulk Trash Removal: Increase apartment curb appeal by removing bulk trash and furniture that can pile up around dumpsters and compactor enclosures. Junk removal professionals like the TurboHaul team are skilled in hauling away unsightly bags of trash and other large pieces of debris.
  • Remove Roll-Off Dumpsters:  While roll-off dumpsters may be a convenient source of trash removal, they are very unsightly thereby detracting from your overall curb appeal.  Roll-off dumpsters also pose liability and safety risks to your community.  They invite illegal dumping and possible collection of hazardous waste thereby increasing waste removal costs.  Avoid these pitfalls by removing the rolloff dumpster from your property today. 
  • Pick Up Litter:  Apartment complexes may be located near busy highways, fast food restaurants, or shopping centers where the trash can easily blow onto your apartment complex’s grounds. Utilize your junk removal service for picking up debris along tree lines, fences, and building perimeters. Keep the apartment complex’s grounds clean and walkways free of litter for renters to use with ease.
  • Apartment Clean Out:  When a tenant moves out or gets evicted, they often leave behind a lot of old furniture, junk, or food in the kitchen.  If left for any extended period of time, the apartment will begin to smell and will also invite bugs and rodents.  Prevent this issue by promptly cleaning out vacant apartments to reduce odors and pest infestations. TurboHaul’s TurboMen technicians can brave any sized apartment to remove junk and smelly trash.  

4. Parking Lot Maintenance

A lousy parking area can turn off potential renters which is why sprucing up your parking lot is one of the best ways to improve apartment curb appeal. As tenants can include everyone from small children to those of retirement age, maintaining quality parking lot conditions is about much more than creating an aesthetically pleasing lot. Everything from picking up garbage to providing accessible and handicap-friendly parking sends a clear message to your tenants that you are taking steps to keep them safe which increases the value of your apartment complex overall.


5. Signage

Potential tenants may drive by your apartment complex to get a good look and feel of the place. “Wow” your current and potential renters with proper signage that directs them to where they need to go. Whether or not the apartment complex is small, signs for the leasing office, laundry room, and pool can help acclimate first-time visitors to their surroundings or help them locate your apartment community from the road in the first place.


6. Lighting

Ground floor apartments can be especially vulnerable at night which is why investing in quality outdoor lighting can increase security measures and provide tenants with a feeling of safety. Lights for walkways, common entrances, and perimeter lights can increase an apartment building’s curb appeal and make it easier for people to navigate the complex at night. Accent lights can help improve the building’s overall appearance, drawing more potential renters.


We all know running and maintaining an apartment community isn’t easy. Improving your apartment’s curb appeal can lead to long-time loyal renters, as well as more potential tenants. TurboHaul wants to help you take your apartment building’s curb appeal to the next level by removing any unwanted trash or junk. Book us today or check out our client testimonials

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