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Bulk Trash Removal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Because for hauling, BIGGER is BETTER. TurboHaul trucks have the highest capacity in the industry, double the size of most competitors. Our big trucks make us more efficient. We get your job done faster. We take fewer trips to the dump and recycling facilities. This efficiency saves us money and we rightfully pass on the savings to you. The base rates of common ‘junk haulers’ run on average 30% higher than TurboHaul’s.

You are never under any obligation to use our services. If you do not choose to accept our on-site, guaranteed estimate we will simply wish you a good day and go on our way. We always want you to be happy with your experience with TurboHaul, whether or not we perform a job for you.

There are no hidden charges. Our rates include all labor, transportation and disposal fees. All charges are explained up front and agreed upon before we begin work.

Yes. TurboHaul carries all required licenses, insurances and bonds for the work we perform. You are well protected when using TurboHaul. Our Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.

Many factors including traffic delays and jobs that are larger than expected prevent us from promising an exact arrival time. However, TurboHaul can give you a guaranteed two hour time window for your pick-up so you are not left waiting around all day. If requested, we can also call you the day of your pick-up with a 30 to 60 minute lead time for arrival within your time window. This allows you the necessary time to leave work or some other location to meet us on the job.

Absolutely. TurboHaul crews are trained and equipped to collect material from virtually anywhere it has been stacked or stored. There is an ‘extra labor’ charge to collect this material, but the extra charge is often worth the savings to your time (…and back!). However, your best price can always be had by getting your material where the truck can get right to it. The curb, the garage or next to the driveway are great spots.

If you don’t care to be there, you may leave the material outside and clearly explain and/or designate what needs to be picked up. We will perform your pick-up on the scheduled day. The cost of the pick-up can be charged to any major credit card that you provide us.

Call us toll free at 1-888-TURBO-HAUL (1-888-887-2642) Monday through Friday 7 am to 5 pm to schedule a pick-up. One of our friendly, knowledgeable staff will answer your call and assist you. We can answer any questions that you may have, help estimate the cost of your pick-up and reserve you a guaranteed pick-up time window.

See our Pricing page.

In our conversation with you, we will ask you a number of questions about the type and quantity of material that you have and how it can be accessed. Our questions are designed to help us give you the most accurate estimate possible without us actually seeing the material. The better information you can give us about your pick-up, the better estimate we can give you. If your job is large enough, we may offer you a free, on-site estimate.

Call before 12 p.m. on a business day and TurboHaul will guarantee your pick-up by the end of the following business day. Many times we can get to you the same day that you call. It’s “Bulk Trash. Gone Fast!”

Your ‘over-the-phone’ estimate will give you a very good idea of what your costs will be. However, it is only an estimate, not a guaranteed price. Once our crews arrive at your site, they will perform an ‘estimate confirmation’ for you. This involves looking at all the material you have for removal and giving you a guaranteed price for your job.

Yes. The minimum charge helps cover the expense of sending a large truck and a crew to your location. Our minimum charge is the most generous in the business. It includes the removal of up to four cubic yards of regular bulk trash. See the price list for your local service area for your exact minimum charge.

We cannot take any hazardous waste material, toxic substances, pollutants, contaminants, infectious wastes, medical wastes, radioactive wastes, chemicals, liquids of any kind, including paints, solvents, oil, fuels, etc., batteries, ballasts, transformers, PCBs, ammunition, explosives, asbestos or asbestos containing materials.

TurboHaul accepts credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX) for payment. Payment in full is expected when we complete your job. If you have the need for regular pick-ups, please ask us about setting up a billing account.

See the price list for your local service area.

Your TurboHaul crew will arrive in uniform and ready to work with all the necessary tools and equipment for your job. A member of the crew will be able to clearly communicate with you in English. You will be treated with respect and overall professionalism. All TurboHaul employees are legal to work in the United States.

TurboHaul can schedule pick-ups for Monday through Saturday. Sundays we take a break from our bulk trash fighting adventures and spend time with our families.

Everything that TurboHaul hauls away will be donated for reuse, recycled, or properly disposed of at licensed disposal facilities. TurboHaul does more than any other hauler to insure the least amount of material is put into landfills. See our ‘Go Green’ page for more information on our innovative efforts.

We can take away virtually any non-hazardous material or item. And our super-sized trucks and 2,000 lb. capacity hydraulic lift gates allow us to take the bigger, heavier items that our competition simply cannot handle. Examples of what we take include: Furniture, appliances, construction and renovation debris, yard waste, office and restaurant fixtures and equipment, concrete/brick/blocks, computers & electronics, televisions and more. TurboHaul specializes in the big, bad, bulky, heavy, awkward and unusual. Just let us at it!

Dumpsters often come with many hidden and extra charges:

  • Dumpsters are big and heavy and have a good chance of damaging your driveway; even if the roll-off truck driver doesn’t tear up your grass or flower beds when delivering your container. With a TurboHaul truck, nothing but soft rubber will ever touch your driveway, and their maneuverable design keeps us off of your flowers.
  • Dumpsters are ugly. Who wants to look at a big, steel box in the front of their house for days or weeks? Your neighbors sure won’t. TurboHaul arrives, makes your bulk trash disappear, and then we disappear leaving your home and yard clutter free.
  • Dumpsters attract illegal dumping by others. Get a dumpster and discover how many ‘friends’ you suddenly have. You only pay to have your own material removed with a TurboHaul.
  • Dumpsters often come with many extra charges: Delivery charge, overweight charge, fuel surcharge, environmental fee, per-day container rental charge. TurboHaul’s pricing is all inclusive and you will know exactly what your cost is before we even begin.
  • Dumpsters charge you for all of their volume, whether you use it all or not. With a TurboHaul you only pay for the exact volume of material we haul away.
  • Dumpsters don’t load themselves. Putting your labor into loading the dumpster is neither free, nor easy.
  • TurboHaul’s pricing is clearly explained, up-front. You will know exactly what your cost is before we even begin your pick-up.

Our Guarantee

  • Low Price Guarantee We will beat any competitor’s price
  • Fastest Service in the Industry Same day or next day rescue service
  • Superior Customer Experience Upfront pricing and no-hassle junk removal
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