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Spring Cleaning Ideas for Property Managers

As spring arrives, our ears are met with the cheerful song of the bird and our eyes enjoy the vibrant display of color painted across the landscape with each blooming flower. With the weather warming up there is no better time to beautify your properties than now. Industry reports indicate that the peak rental season is May through August, so now is the time to complete those projects you have put off all winter so that your property is ready for the rush of new tenants.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Checklist

As we enter the spring season, more and more people begin their search for apartments or office space, so you want to make sure your property is looking its best. According to a 2018 survey, 91% of Americans take part in spring cleaning. Below we’ve listed some spring cleaning ideas for property managers that will help you achieve the curb appeal that will attract renters and help you achieve maximum occupancy levels!

1. Cleanout Closets and Storage Rooms

Closets and storage rooms can become a repository for items that you never use or items you can’t find a place for. They are rarely organized so the chances of finding anything in there are low, so you don’t even attempt to do so. Before long, they are so packed full of junk that they become unusable, and then the junk must go somewhere else on your property. To get started, just be honest with yourself and decide what you will actually use again in the future. Whatever doesn’t make that list, put it in a pile and TurboHaul can come pick it up. Buy some shelving and put back the remaining items into the closet in an organized fashion. When you’re done, I promise you will feel much better.  It’s that easy!

2. Cleanout Garages

Over the years, TurboHaul has completed many garage clean-outs. They are sometimes full of items left behind by tenants. Also, many maintenance crews will use garages to store old appliances or bulky items accumulated over time. Whatever the case, that space is very valuable whether you rent it to a new tenant or use it for the storage of new items. With TurboHaul’s help, you can have a clean garage within a matter of hours.

3. Cleanout Maintenance Shops

Over time, maintenance shops can accumulate old refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, water heaters, and A/C units. Sometimes, we will see old building materials, construction debris, cardboard boxes, and tires. It can be difficult for maintenance crews to work in such a crowded and unorganized space thereby decreasing productivity and morale. Allow TurboHaul to help you cleanout your maintenance shop so you can get back to your most important tasks.

4. Clean Around Compactors

Compactor areas can become nasty and smelly if not properly maintained. Tenants aren’t always careful and as a result, their trash ends up on the ground next to the compactor. This can even clog the drains leading to water and sludge build-up. Also, tenants can often leave their bulk trash such as mattresses and couches in the compactor enclosure inviting rodents and pests. If it gets too bad, the compactor companies will complain or refuse to switch out the compactor until it is cleaned. Spring is the perfect time to tackle this project. This is a nasty project so allow the experts at TurboHaul to take care of it for you.

5. Declutter Office Space

There is nothing better than having a nice clean and organized office. You feel excited to come to work and can work more efficiently when your office is tidy and free from clutter and debris. Clutter can distract and cloud your mind as you try to work and brings down the overall morale of the team. Take the time this spring to go through your office and throw away all the trash and debris hanging around. TurboHaul is ready to help with any office furniture removal or cleanout needs you have. We can also recycle any old electronics and e-waste your office has accumulated.

6. Get Rid of Old Furniture

There comes a time in the life of every piece of furniture when they must be retired. We have all had that desk that is out of style with scratches and dents, or that couch that is drab and droopy, or that mattress that is flat and dirty. Say goodbye to your old furniture and replace them with fresh new furniture to liven up your home or office space. Give TurboHaul a call and we will bring your old furniture to its final resting place.

7. Loading Dock Cleanup

Loading docks can easily be forgotten when thinking about spring cleaning. It is important to maintain a clean loading dock for the safety of your staff and the delivery drivers. It is also important to ensure that items are not lost and go to their intended recipient. Over time the pallets can begin to pile up, and the cardboard and packing materials start to get out of hand. TurboHaul’s heroic team can quickly and safely remove all these unwanted items in a flash.

8. Renovation Cleanup

If you are in the middle of apartment renovations or a tenant upfit, construction debris can be a real headache if you get behind. It can also be very unsightly to have a rolloff dumpster onsite during renovations which can detract from curb appeal and tenant safety. TurboHaul can simply come out on a set schedule or as needed to clean up any construction debris resulting from renovations.


Hopefully these ideas were helpful as we enter the spring season. Take advantage of this beautiful time of year to tackle those projects you have been putting off and be prepared to “Wow” your prospective tenants with how great your property looks. TurboHaul is committed to bettering the environment, improving local communities, and helping property managers keep their properties looking great! Contact us today for a free quote or to book an appointment.

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