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Refrigerator Disposal & Recycling

Looking for information on how to get rid of a refrigerator? From refrigerator recycling or landfill disposal to hiring the professionals, there are several options to choose from to ensure the process is as smooth and safe as possible.

How to Get Rid of a Refrigerator

Getting rid of old refrigerators can be a real pain. They’re heavy, awkward to move, and pose challenges for disposal. Since most curbside trash and recycling services won’t haul away your refrigerator with the rest of your waste, you may be wondering what to do next.

There are multiple ways for quick and safe refrigerator disposal, including taking it to a landfill, recycling it, donating it, trading it in to the manufacturer or retailer, or hiring a professional disposal service provider. We’ve outlined each of these methods below, though note that your options will vary depending on where you live, where you purchased the fridge and the manufacturer’s specific policies.

Throw It Away

Simply throwing away your old refrigerator may seem like the easiest choice initially, though it actually requires a fair amount of preparation and can be very damaging to the environment (in addition to costing you money for disposal fees). The most common form of throwing away refrigerators is bringing them to a landfill or waste management transfer station. 

Before hauling your heavy refrigerator to a landfill or related facility, you’ll need to unplug it (allow at least 2 hours for it to cool before moving), clean it out, remove the doors, and hire professionals to remove the compressor and drain any coolant prior to disposal. The EPA outlined best practices for refrigerator disposal commonly required before landfills will accept your appliance, as refrigerant venting and chemical dumping are against the law. When in doubt, reach out to your local waste management facility about guidelines for acceptance.

Your city trash disposal service may also pick up your old refrigerator from your curb after making an appointment. As mentioned, they won’t take it with your weekly curbside trash but would come separately.

Note that some states have laws that require appliances to be recycled rather than sent to landfills.

Recycle It

Refrigerator recycling is a great option to consider because it’s much better for the environment and, depending on the method you choose, relatively simple. You can recycle an old or broken refrigerator through a local waste management division or department of public works, or with professional waste removal service providers such as TurboHaul.

In some cases, you’ll have to prepare your refrigerator beforehand, in the same way as you would when taking it to the landfill as mentioned in the section above. Otherwise, professionals such as the experts at TurboHaul handle everything for you worry-free and for minimal cost!

Local scrap metal dealers may take parts of your refrigerator for recycling as well, in exchange for a small monetary compensation. Depending on your location, environmental organizations in your area may offer refrigerator recycling programs.


Donate It

If your refrigerator is still in working order, consider donating it to a local or regional charity. In most cases you’ll be required to transport it to their donation drop-off location yourself, meaning you’ll need several well-equipped individuals and a truck to guarantee maximum safety for everyone involved. Contact any charities and other non-profit organizations in your area to see if they’ll accept your particular refrigerator, especially if it’s older or in a heavily used condition.

Some organizations may offer refrigerator pick-up right from your residence, removing the hassle of transportation and offering a convenient option for getting rid of it. That said, they may charge for this service.


Trade It In to a Retailer or Manufacturer

Looking for a little cashback? Appliance retailers and manufacturing companies often buy back or accept your old refrigerator as a trade-in through a company program, much like trading in a car. They may even haul away your refrigerator and then recycle it, send it to the landfill, or refurbish it for resale. Generally, companies provide this service if you’ve purchased a new refrigerator from them and they’re already dropping it by your space or residency. Always contact the company and request information beforehand, so they can accommodate the pick-up and provide any further details.

In some cases, companies may charge a small fee for refrigerator pick-up (especially if they’re unable to refurbish it). Whether your refrigerator is required to be in good working condition or not depends on the retailer or manufacturer. If pick-up isn’t available, you may be able to bring it into their facility yourself.

Note that this type of service is only available with certain retailers and manufacturers. Specific details of programs will vary. Contact your retailer and manufacturer to check whether this is a viable option for refrigerator disposal!


Hire a Refrigerator Pick-Up & Disposal Service

The bottom line is that refrigerator pick-up, recycling, and other types of refrigerator disposal can require a little more time and effort than you may prefer. (Especially if you want to do it the right way for the environment and your safety!)

Skip the hassle of figuring out how to get rid of a fridge yourself and hire a refrigerator disposal service provider like TurboHaul. We make the process easy, convenient, and free of ambiguity from start to finish. At TurboHaul, we offer a low price guarantee meaning we’ll beat any competitor’s prices, provide pick-up within 24 hours, and have superior customer service. From our upfront pricing to our commitment to bettering our environment, we provide a great resource for responsible refrigerator recycling in states all along the east coast.

TurboHaul also offers bulk junk removal services and can help with your electronics recycling needs on almost any scale. Reach out to us today for a free quote.

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