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Event Cleanup Services

Planning a community event is no easy feat—from securing a space, sending out invitations, hiring vendors, finalizing food, and every little task in between, the last thing you need to worry about is where does all this trash go? Whether you’re throwing a small wedding or hosting a trade show with hundreds of booths, utilizing event cleaning services can help put you at ease, keep you organized, and run right on schedule. Our event clean-up professionals will be the first to arrive and last to leave. We also offer round-the-clock support so you can focus your coordinating efforts on more important matters. From advanced setup to end-of-day breakdown, contact us today to keep your event running smooth.

Professional Event Clean Up Services

Our event cleaning services dispatch a crew of professionals to tend to every aspect of your day. Our crew of professionals cleans before the event, maintains cleanliness standards during the event, and assists in tearing down post-event. We can sweep floors prior to guests arriving at a movie premiere, empty garbage cans during a street parade, rearrange tables and chairs after a non-profit fundraising event, and so much more. We will work with you and come up with a plan specific to your residential or commercial junk removal needs.











Types of Events TurboHaul Services:

Our event clean-up services are not limited to any size, space, or event type. Read on to find out the various community events we commonly service, including, but not limited to:

  • Conventions
  • Street Festivals
  • Trade Shows
  • Parties (small and large)
  • Movie Premieres
  • Weddings and Receptions
  • Non-profit and Political Fundraising
  • Sporting Events
    • Baseball Games
    • Football Games
    • Basketball Games
    • Tennis Matches
    • Races
    • Golf Tournaments
  • Food Festivals
  • Block Parties
  • Church Events
  • Retail Grand Openings
  • Holiday Events
    • Christmas Events
    • New Years Eve Events

TurboHaul’s Event Cleaning Services Procedures:

We understand that each type of event requires different services. Whether you need our crew there the whole day or after the party has ended and the guests have gone home, read on for a detailed look at the various schedules we offer to coordinate clean-up around your event.

Pre-Event Clean Up:

  • Remove trash from the site
  • Sweep and vacuum floors
  • Arrange tables and chairs
  • Distribute trash cans throughout the event venue

Live Event Clean Up:

  • Empty trash cans before they overflow
  • Line trash cans and recycle bins
  • Clean up trash that has fallen on the ground during the event

Post-Event Clean Up:

  • Remove trash and haul it away
  • Sweep and vacuum floors
  • Move tables, chairs, equipment, etc.
  • Assist with loading trucks


Event Cleaning Services Prices

Event cleaning services prices vary as no two events are the same. We offer competitive pricing while providing quality event clean-up services. We offer quotes upfront so there are no surprises. Event cleaning services prices are dependent on a variety of factors, including services rendered, size of the room, length of the event, etc. We charge by the hour and collect a fee based on the per cubic yard of the trash hauled away. We take great pride in providing honest pricing and establishing long-lasting relationships with our customers.

TurboHaul’s Event Clean Up Process

We strive to make our clean-up services procedure simple and reasonable. Read the steps below to learn about our event clean-up process.

1. Upfront Pricing

Send us pictures of your event space or an email describing items you need to be removed. We can even send an in-person representative to look at your event space and assess your project needs. With all the necessary information, we can provide upfront and honest pricing.

2. Schedule an Appointment

Scheduling can be done online, over the phone, via text, or by email. TurboHaul guarantees arrival within 24 hours.

3. We Haul It Away

Our highly trained technicians will quickly and safely remove all your bulk trash and junk from your event (except for liquids, chemicals, oils, and hazardous waste) so you can reclaim your space.

4. Responsible Disposal

TurboHaul is committed to bettering our environment and improving our communities, so we donate and recycle as much as possible to keep items out of landfills.

Event Clean Up FAQs

What are some tips for post-event clean-up?

Whether you are new to the post-event clean-up world or are an event planning veteran, refresh yourself with our tips to help make the post-event clean-up process go off without a hitch.

  1. Get to Know the Venue
    What is the capacity? Will it be indoor/outdoor? How many chairs, tables, tents, etc. will you need? Arm yourself with information to help you pull off a seamless event and come prepared with the necessary equipment the space requires.
  2. Clean As You Go
    No one likes to walk around a fair and see a trashcan spilling out onto the street. Consider hiring an event clean-up crew to maintain cleanliness during the event and putting one person in charge to oversee solutions to any issues that arise.
  3. Ask For Help
    Whether you’re organizing a golf fundraiser for a charity or hosting a dinner for a local official, event planning requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work and dedication. No one would fault you for not being able to do it all! Hiring a clean-up crew can be the difference between a stress-filled day and a carefree one.

Why is professional cleaning needed for events?

Professional event clean-up services offer a wide range of benefits for both small and large-scale events. Check out some of our reasonings below!

  1. Clean-up crews allow your guests to enjoy themselves, live in the moment, and allow them to be taken care of instead of the other way around.
  2. Professional clean-up services keep the area clean and safe, free from spills, and other potential hazards, giving you peace of mind throughout the day.
  3. Hiring professional event cleaning services allows you to delegate work and have one less task on your plate. This enables you to focus on other matters and leave the teardown and junk removal in the hands of someone you trust.

What things will TurboHaul not remove during an event clean-up?

When it comes to event clean-up, there are a few items we do not remove to keep our crew healthy and safe. These items include, but are not limited to hazardous waste material, toxic substances, pollutants, contaminants, infectious wastes, medical wastes, radioactive wastes, chemicals, liquids of any kind, including paints, solvents, oil, fuels, etc., batteries, ballasts, transformers, PCBs, ammunition, explosives, asbestos or asbestos-containing materials. However, we do take a variety of household, office, and bulk items.

Do you offer wedding cleanup services?

Absolutely! We specialize in providing comprehensive wedding cleanup services. Our team will ensure that every detail is immaculate, allowing you and your guests to cherish unforgettable moments without worrying about the cleanup.

How much do event cleaning services cost?

Event cleanup service costs can depend on various factors, including services offered, the size of the room event space, the timeline of the event, etc. We charge by the hour and collect a fee based on the per cubic yard of the trash hauled away.

Does the size of the event matter?

No event is too big or too small for our professional team. We have the expertise and flexibility to handle events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale functions and special events.

How far in advance should I schedule event cleanup services?

We recommend booking your event cleanup services as soon as your event details are confirmed. This allows us to allocate the necessary resources and ensure availability on your desired date. Reach out to us as soon as you know the details of your event and we will provide you with honest and upfront pricing so you can feel secure in your decision and book your service.

How long does after-party cleanup usually take?

The duration of after-party cleanup depends on the size and complexity of the event. Typically, our efficient crew can complete the clean-up within a few hours, ensuring your venue is spotless and ready for the next day.

Other Commercial Junk Removal Solutions

TurboHaul is the preferred vendor for commercial junk removal in nearly every industry. From electronics recycling to equipment removal and property cleanup, bulk trash pick-ups, storage unit clean-outs, special pick-ups, and recycling, TurboHaul keeps your business running smoothly with minimal interruption and without hurting your bottom line. Explore more commercial junk removal services and reach out to us for a free quote today.

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