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Shed Removal and Cleanout

Over time, sheds fill up with old clutter and tools, fall apart, and may even need to be torn down. No matter the reason, shed teardowns and removals aren’t the easiest jobs to do on your own—that’s where the professionals come in! Contact the team at TurboHaul today for a free quote and learn more about our shed removal services below.

Shed Removal Service

Shed removals are among the more challenging residential and commercial real estate projects. Tearing down any shed requires significant manpower and equipment to complete safely. For this reason, many people choose to work with professionals who have the experience and know-how to get the job done right.

If you have a shed in need of demolition, cleanout, or removal, TurboHaul can help! We offer shed removal services at locations throughout the U.S., saving you time, hassle, and potential complications from undertaking this job yourself. We offer some of the lowest prices in the industry and recycle more than our competitors.

​​Shed Cleanouts

Renovation of a shed doesn’t always mean demolition. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a thorough cleanout. At TurboHaul, we offer shed cleanouts for businesses and individuals that want to get rid of bulk items, junk, machinery, old tools, scraps, and other materials quickly and safely. Shed cleanouts can be done in preparation for a sale or rental, to get rid of safety hazards, in preparation for a teardown, or simply to get organized.

Our Simple Shed Removal & Cleanout Process

Shed demolition and removal is an easy, straightforward process with TurboHaul. Our team has the industry experience and knowledge to get the job done for shed disposals and teardowns of any size and shape, no matter how unusual.

And we get it, sheds are home to all sorts of tools, scraps, supplies, and odds and ends. Our big trucks can haul away almost anything from a shed teardown. We only ask that gasoline and fuel be removed from all machinery and equipment before we take it. See below for a breakdown of what to expect when working with the professionals at TurboHaul.

1. Upfront Pricing

Send us pictures of your shed and describe the items you need to be cleaned out, and we’ll provide upfront and honest pricing. If needed, we can also send a representative in person to take a look at your shed demolition and removal project.

2. Schedule an Appointment

Scheduling can be done online, over the phone, via text, or by email. TurboHaul guarantees arrival within 24 hours.

3. We Haul It Away

Our highly trained technicians will arrive on time, safely demolish your shed and quickly remove all the debris and junk from your property.

4. Responsible Disposal

TurboHaul is committed to bettering our environment and improving our communities, so we donate and recycle as much as possible keeping these items out of landfills.


Shed Removal FAQs

Below, we answer some of your frequently asked questions about the shed teardown, cleanout, and removal processes.

How much does it cost to remove a shed?

The cost to remove a shed will vary depending upon the condition, size, and location of the shed and also how much stuff is stored inside. Removing a shed yourself tends to be cheaper than hiring professionals, however you have to decide if it is really worth the time and effort, as well as the safety risk. For a DIY shed demolition, you need to factor in the costs of tools, equipment, permits (see more below) and material disposal. But more importantly your time is your most valuable commodity. Although you may pay more when hiring professionals, the job will be done quickly while you sip your coffee and watch them from your kitchen. You also have the peace of mind knowing that we will handle everything from the demolition to the cleaning, recycling, and hauling away of items.

How long does it take to dismantle a shed?

The time it takes to do a shed demolition inevitably varies depending on the scope and scale of the project. When working with professionals, expect a shed teardown to take around three to four hours. This will depend on how big the shed is, how sturdy it is, and how much stuff is inside. Sheds packed floor-to-ceiling with items, for example, will take longer to clear.

How do you get rid of an old shed after it’s taken down?

Once a shed is taken down, it’s important to haul away all materials for proper disposal. These materials include those from the shed itself—the glass windows, wood frame, drywall, metal latches, concrete or wood flooring, and roof shingles—and any interior contents, such as shelving, machinery, paint cans, trash, and more.

If you’re doing a shed teardown yourself, it can help to get a roll-off dumpster to put the debris in for disposal. Sort materials for recycling as you go to avoid sending any hazardous waste to the landfill. It may also be helpful to hire professionals like the team at TurboHaul to help with the actual hauling away of items, as this process can be time-consuming and tedious to get right.

Can you take down a shed yourself?

Yes, you can do a shed teardown yourself. Just remember that this is a difficult and potentially dangerous undertaking even when done properly, so always consult the professionals when in doubt. At TurboHaul, we offer shed demolition and removal services for residential and commercial clients in almost any industry. See our miniguide to shed teardowns below for more information on doing one yourself.

Shed Demolition Guide

Some people choose to do a shed teardown or demolition on their own. While we generally advise that this job is left to the professionals, there are a few key things to remember if you do feel up to the task and have the right tools, safety equipment, and expertise. It’s also wise to do shed teardowns with a small team of people to help.

Note that permits on a state, city, or county level will often be required for shed demolition, disposal, construction, reconstruction, or removal to another site. Always check with your city’s building and development department(s) for information regarding permits and inspections. Here are the guidelines for Raleigh, NC, as an example.

What are the steps for tearing down a shed?

Once you’re in the clear with permits, you’ll need the proper equipment to tear down your shed. Remember to use any heavier duty tools and machinery in compliance with operational instructions, keeping safety top of mind.

Tools and supplies commonly needed for tearing down a shed include:

  • Safety gear (protective eyewear, gloves, boots, a hard hat, long-sleeve clothing, etc.)
  • Tarps and trash bags
  • Ladder
  • Crowbar
  • Pliers
  • Wrench (adjustable)
  • Screwdriver and/or electric drill
  • Claw hammer
  • Hand saw
  • Broom
  • Outdoor vacuum (optional)
  • Roofing shovel
  • Hand saw
  • Sledgehammer

Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive. Use your best judgment as each shed teardown will be unique and require a flexible approach.

Tearing down a shed is a highly detailed process requiring multiple people to complete. In general, disassemble parts of your shed in the following order:

  1. Disconnect the electricity and unplug any appliances.
  2. Completely take out everything from the inside. If there are any shelves or wall fixtures, it’s often good to remove these before demolition.
  3. Take out the windows. This can be tricky, so work carefully and follow tutorials related to the particular style of your windows as needed.
  4. Detach the doors from their hinges.
  5. Completely tear off the roof. As always, use caution when maneuvering in high areas and be mindful of falling objects.
  6. Knock down the walls and panels of drywall, working one wall at a time. Your sledgehammer will come in handy here.
  7. Tear up and break apart the flooring. Once the floorboards are up, you may need to hire a contractor to remove the concrete foundation using a jackhammer among other tools.


Remember to clean up and dispose of debris as you work. If the process of shed demolition and removal proves too challenging, or you need help along the way, contact the shed cleanout and removal team at TurboHaul—we offer full-service bulk junk and shed removal services for projects of any scale.

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