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Hoarding Cleanup

Cleaning and clearing away clutter in a hoarding environment is a difficult task, often requiring professional assistance. Hoarder cleanouts come with not just the physical challenges of removal and organization, but emotional distress as well. At TurboHaul, our team knows how to handle these demanding situations efficiently and with compassion. We offer hoarder cleanup services that are budget-friendly and good for the environment — recycling and donating as much as possible to minimize waste.

What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding is a complicated mental health disorder or behavior pattern characterized by collecting and accumulating a large number of items, often regardless of value. The severity of hoarding varies depending on the person and situation, though hoarded items commonly include newspapers, articles of clothing, personal mementos, paper products, household goods, electronics, and food.

Parting ways with any of these things often brings high levels of distress, even if the items seem unnecessary to other people. For this reason, hoarding involves the sometimes severe accumulation of possessions to the point where household spaces and storage units are overflowing with piles of things. In our survey on hoarding, we found that 39% of respondents have little to no free storage space in their homes and 28% say the potential need in the future is what keeps them from discarding these items.

In some cases, hoarding comes with serious health consequences for the people involved. For example, an increased risk of fire hazards, pests, bacteria, air pollutants, and even the risk of structural collapse. The symptoms of hoarding won’t be the same for everyone, though in any case, it’s a delicate territory especially when loved ones or family members step in to help clear things out.

TurboHaul Is the Compassionate Solution for Hoarding Cleanup

Due to the sensitive, personal, and sometimes hazardous nature of hoarding, the best option for cleanouts often involves hiring hoarder clean up specialists like TurboHaul, rather than trying to deal with things yourself. At TurboHaul, we have decades of experience helping people with bulk junk removal and hoarder cleanouts so that they’re safe and effective.

We know how important the nuances of these delicate situations can be and use our expertise to offer peace of mind and friendly services, no matter how large, small, complicated, or strange the hoarding clean up may be.

While we are compassionate and confidential, note that we don’t provide any counseling as part of the service. We come in once the family or homeowner has already decided what they want to throw away. At that point, we work quickly and efficiently to remove all of the selected items.

TurboHaul’s Professional Approach to Hoarder Cleanup

People require hoarding clean up services in all shapes and sizes — whatever your reason or situation, we take a simple, personalized approach to make sure you’re getting and paying for exactly what you need.

We start with upfront pricing, offering custom quotes, and then once you’ve scheduled with us we haul things away and dispose of them responsibly. As part of the cleanout process, we will recycle or donate to local charities as much as we can. This minimizes waste, helps better the environment, and allows hoarded items to find new homes.

Contact us today to set up a free quote or if you have any questions.

1. Upfront Pricing

Hoarding situations require additional expertise and planning.  TurboHaul will send a representative in person to assess your project’s needs and we’ll provide upfront and honest pricing.

2. Schedule an Appointment

Scheduling for your hoarder cleanout can be done online, over the phone, via text, or by email. TurboHaul guarantees arrival within 24 hours.

3. We Haul It Away

Our professional team takes a compassionate approach as we work with you to sort through your personal items. Our highly trained technicians will quickly and safely remove all your bulk trash items wherever they are located.

4. Responsible Disposal

TurboHaul is committed to bettering our environment and improving our communities, so we donate and recycle as much as possible keeping these items out of landfills.

FAQs About Hoarding Cleanouts

How Much Do Hoarding Cleanups Cost?

The cost of the hoarder cleanout process depends on the amount of stuff there is to handle and clear out. At the start of each project, TurboHall will do a site visit to assess the scope of the project and provide an estimated price. Our rates are on average 40% lower than competitor junk removal services, due in part to the efficiency of our process.

What Are Some Hoarding Cleanout Tips?

Whether you are actively doing a hoarding cleanup or are simply preparing the space for professional removal, it helps to be systematic and have a plan. Create a sorting area for your “maybe” piles and start small. Start in the less overwhelming rooms and by removing obvious trash first. Try to find the balance between being thorough and taking your time and delaying making progress.

It also helps to clean as you go, making sure you have the proper cleaning supplies, any tools, and protective equipment, such as eye coverings, gloves, masks, and close-toed shoes.

How Can Loved Ones Help?

Family members and loved ones offer some of the most important assistance with the hoarder cleanout process through moral support. Moral support and encouragement may be merely verbal, or can include help with the sorting of items to decide what stays and what goes.

Note that this depends on the interpersonal dynamics of the situation and that professional counseling can help alleviate emotional resistance in some cases.

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