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The secret is out!  If you have been using been using a typical ‘junk hauler’ to get rid of your unwanted debris, you have been paying way too much.  This time go with the area’s premier bulk trash removal company and get the pricing that you deserve.  TurboHaul rates average 30% less than the typical junk hauler.  Commercial account customers can enjoy even greater savings. 

Why is TurboHaul so much less than the competition?

Because for hauling, BIGGER is BETTER.  TurboHaul trucks have the highest capacity in the industry-- double the size of most competitors. Our big trucks make us more efficient.  We get your job done faster.  We take fewer trips to the dump and recycling facilities.  This efficiency saves us money and we rightfully pass on the savings to you. 

How does TurboHaul charge?

Your price for your pick-up will be based on three factors:

1. The type of material you have

    There are three classifications of material:

        Household = Contents typically found in, or associated with, a household; including  furniture, appliances, beds, lamps, shelves, rugs, clothes, toys, sports equipment,  barbeques, lawnmowers, tools, junk, greenwaste, etc.

        Construction Debris = Material generated through construction or demolition activities; including framing, drywall, carpeting, cabinets, acoustical ceiling tile, insulation, cardboard, fixtures, doors, windows, trim, siding, etc.

         Aggregates = Concrete, asphalt, brick, block and dirt.

    There is a different rate for each classification of material.  The heavier and more difficult a material is to handle, the higher the rate.  ‘Household’ material is the least expensive.  ‘Construction Debris’ is a little more.  ‘Aggregate’ is the most expensive.

2. The volume of your material

    We measure your material by the cubic yard.  A ‘cubic yard’ is a measure of volume equal to a 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. area.

    TurboHaul charges by the cubic yard.  You only pay for the exact volume of your material as measured by the cubic yard.

    Your TurboHaul crew will use their experience and training in cubic yardage calculation, as well as volume marks on the inside of the TurboTruck, to accurately calculate how many cubic yards you have and give you a guaranteed on-site estimate.  As always you are never under any obligation to accept TurboHaul’s on-site estimate and use our service.

    To help you estimate the number of cubic yards of debris you have, the following may be helpful:  A twin sized mattress is about ½ of a cubic yard.  A standard washing machine is about one (1) cubic yard.  A full-size, three-cushion sofa is about two (2) cubic yards.  The back of a full sized pick-up truck, level full of miscellaneous junk, is about four (4) cubic yards.

3. The access to your material

You pay only our low, per cubic yard, base rate if your material is ‘immediately accessible.’ ‘Immediate access’ is defined as material that is: 1) outside, 2) within fifteen (15) feet of where our truck can park, and 3) with no hills or stairs involved.

TurboHaul is happy and prepared to remove material from anywhere you have it.  A reasonable ‘extra labor charge’ is assessed for material that is not ‘immediately accessible.’  ‘Extra labor charges’ are calculated as a percentage, and typically range between 20% and 40%; depending on the difficulty of access to your material.

‘Extra labor charges’ cover the extra labor, effort and time necessary to move your material from where it sits to where it can be loaded on the truck.  This pricing system helps us insure the best possible price for material that is immediately accessible.  You always save money by having your material outside and ready to go.

Other haulers give pricing that they bill as “all inclusive.”  What they are actually doing is building in an allowance for extra labor into all their rates.  This ends up inflating their rates for all customers.  TurboHaul’s extra labor charge system keeps overall prices very low and charges extra only when the access to the material warrants.  

How does your pricing system work in a real life situation?

Let’s say you have a full sized sofa, a twin mattress and box spring and some boxes and bags of miscellaneous junk sitting on your back porch.  Your miscellaneous boxes and bags are piled next to the sofa and they look like they take up about the same amount of space as the sofa.

Step 1:  Classification of Material.

Your type of material would be classified as ‘Household.’

Step 2:  Volume of Material.

The volume calculation of your material would be as follows:

Item # of cubic yards
Sofa 2
Twin mattress ½
Twin boxspring   ½
Miscellaneous boxes and bags
(About the same area as the sofa)
Total volume of materials 5 cubic yards


Step 3:  Extra labor charges

If you wanted your TurboHaul crew to carry your material from the back porch around to where the truck can park, this sort of access would typically incur a 30% extra labor charge.  If you had the material in your garage, driveway or at the curb, you would save the 30%.

Step 4:  Calculation of price

Let’s assume the ‘Household’ rate for your service area is $20/cubic yard.

Please see your local service area's pricing page for a listing of your actual cubic yardage rates.


The base charge for the removal of your five (5) cubic yards of material would be $100 (5 cubic yards x $20/cubic yard).  If the material was removed from your back porch, the 30% extra labor charge would add $30 to the price ($100 x 30%).  The total price for your pick-up would then be $130.  If you had the material immediately accessible out front, your total price would only be $100.

That’s how it works.  Now you never have to overpay again for bulk trash and junk removal!  This time go with TurboHaul-- honest, open, rates with the famous TurboHaul Low-Price Guarantee.

Please call us today at 1-888-TURBO-HAUL (1-888-887-2642).  We’ll answer any questions that you may still have, give you an over the phone estimate and reserve you a pick-up time, if you so choose.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!


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