The History of Turbo Haul


1991 - This 1968 VW bus is purchased from a cash- strapped surfer. Its center seat is missing and the rear seat is  modified to lay flat for better payload capacity. Kevin Daly, owner, begins to haul everything from old furniture to landscaping debris for homeowners, property  managers and contractors.

1995 - TurboHaul officially begins with co-founders Kevin Daly and Dale Kelley.  Operations begin by renting and hauling in a U-Haul truck.


1995 - First custom- engineered bulk trash truck is put into service. Innovative  truck design is based on hard lessons learned by first hand experience, and maximizes efficiencies for bulk trash hauling.



1997 - TurboHaul begins offering roll-off container services at the request of many current customers eager to have "super-charged" service for their dumpster needs.



2002 - TuboHaul's rapid growth propels them to a milestone of over 30 full-time employees, with 10 bulk trash trucks, 4 roll-off trucks, and over 120 containers.   


2003 - Anxious to share an exciting business concept and expand operations, TurboHaul, LLC is formed as the official franchising entity of TurboHaul. After many months of  development, and assistance from world class franchsing organizations, TurboHaul, LLC officially begins offering franchises.


2008 - After many months of work with a top ad agency, TurboHaul launches a dynamic new look and logo featuring “TurboMan” & the slogan “Bulk Trash. Gone Fast.”  The high impact design and message reinforce TurboHaul’s competitive advantages of speed and reliability. With the addition of the toll-free number 1-888-TURBO-HAUL and the company positions itself to become a national brand.

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